A Coach is a CIO

Professionl solutions to real issues as they arise


A Coach is a Mentor

Learn technology on your terms as you need to know it

Coaching is multi-faceted

I handle the coaching relationship as a CIO/mentor, not just a CIO and not just a technology mentor.

  • Professional technology guidance
  • Individual/team mentoring

The goal is not just to professionally handle your technology problems but to also raise your technology quotient. It is a long term strategy to educate you about the periodic technology issues that arise as we work through your real-life problems.

Conforms to Your Needs

Whether delivered to you one-on-one or to your entire team, the goal is solving your immediate challenge, but in a way that elevates your understanding of technology’s overall potential for your operation. This need-to-know approach demonstrably improves learning and honors your time by focusing on the immediate challenge.

Sound valuable? Let’s talk.

In today’s environment, it is not reasonable to expect to be successful and remain naïve of technology.


Essential IT for Non-IT Managers is a course given by MIT’s Sloan School. There is also a good webinar by the same title that you should consider watching with the head of your IT operation.

What should non-IT leaders understand about IT? is a useful summary of the areas that non-IT executives should consider examining.