Strategic Planning

The surest, lowest cost path forward

A Missing Plan is Expensive

Without the captured vision of a strategic technology plan as a guide, valuable resources will be wasted on tech. You will make investments that do not fit or that move you sideways or that do not contribute in enough different ways.

Create the Picture

Think of a jigsaw puzzle. Your technology strategic plan is the picture on the box, it’s what it will look like when fully assembled. Various pieces of technology are the individual puzzle pieces. If there’s an easily identifiable area, assembling those pieces can be a fine place to start. You can also add edge pieces as you are able and other pieces as they present themselves. The point is that there is great freedom since you know the picture you’re building.

I am a strong proponent of strategic technology plans for non-profits. Creating one forces you to develop an understanding of where you are, a vision for where you want to be and a good idea of how to get there. Once you have that, you are free to make very significant technology advances in small steps over time. Contact me so we can get started on yours.


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