Take technology off your worry list

Scared of technology?

Don’t be. You’ve come to the right place.

  • Technology is attainable for non-profits.
  • It is not all-or-nothing.
  • You can do it just a little.
  • You can do it only when the time is right.
  • It doesn’t need to be expensive to be helpful and effective.


You are different

Non-profits are different. It is critical that any technology recommendations honor your mission and your challenges. The differences with the profit world can be significant.

The cornerstone

The cornerstone of all the services you’ll find here is listening with a non-profit ear – careful listening to you and your organization to best fit your themes and culture and budget.

The goal

The goal is to put your organization in a fundamentally better position, now and into the future. Together we can chart a comfortable path forward.
Explore how that can happen.

One of the paths below can be the start of a great collaboration. Find out more.

Strategic Planning

With a technology strategic plan as your cornerstone, you can move ahead in confident, affordable steps toward exciting new ways of working.


Tap your data to help tell your story. Bring quantitative tools to bear to forcefully and dramatically make your point.


Having a part-time CIO/mentor not only provides real guidance but boosts you up the technology learning curve, a critical ascent in today’s world.

Tactical Guidance

Navigating transitions to new technologies can be tricky. Will the coming changes be resisted as a threat or welcomed as a powerful resource?