Final days of trip 207-crop01Prior to starting the RPTroyer consultancy, Russ has over 40 years of experience in applying technology to improve business processes. Although a skilled software and system architect, he is just as comfortable counselling executive management and guiding large-scale organizational change. Throughout his career, he has been specifically chosen to be the pivot point between the technologists and the management.

Russ began his career at Burroughs Corporation, the second largest computer manufacturer at the time. Beginning as a Systems Analyst, he rapidly gained skills in software development, development management, business analysis, change management and organizational dynamics. He was frequently tapped for management assignments that bridged between the technical developers and non-technical executives. It was not unusual for him to be asked to conduct classes is business analysis, management in general, technical management as a specialty or to speak on these and related topics at conferences.

The next stage of his career was as a founding partner of a boutique software and consulting company. As specialist in barcode and RFID technologies, they helped numerous companies dramatically improve their operations by taking advantage of these highly cost-effective technologies. In several instances, clients recouped the entire cost of the software and services in the first few months of production operation.

The arrival of children – twins – launched a period of introspection that culminated in the decision to focus his talents in the non-profit sector. He was hired to establish the IT department at the non-profit Defender Association of Philadelphia, the public defenders for the Philadelphia courts. The Association employees about 500, 240 of which are full-time attorneys, and they are assigned roughly 900 new cases each week. It is no exaggeration to call it an ultra-high volume criminal law practice. During his 20-year tenure, he championed innovative ways of getting the most from a shoestring budget and, as a result, grew the department and took the Association from a sea of typewriters to an enterprise-class client management system that is now at the core of their operations.

He holds degrees in both engineering and business, receiving a degree in engineering from Purdue University with concentrations in both operations research and in large scale systems. His business masters degree from the Krannert School of Purdue was in their compressed, intense program available only to STEM graduates.