1 RPTroyer | Technology guidance for non-profits

Technology guidance for non-profits
that honors mission, budget and people.

 There are many paths forward. Each one here can take you to a better long term footing for your organization.

Strategic Planning

The cornerstone that lets you move forward confidently and cost effectively.


You probably have data that can sing your praises. Unleash it.


Gain technology confidence with a part-time CIO/mentor relationship – on your schedule.

Tactical Guidance

Get help with the nuts and bolts of successful technology change.

Often non-profit leaders are not ready for the technology game they face.

Together we’ll find a winning strategy to an innovative, cost-effective new way of working.

Is your data usable?
What’s missing?
Does it have a message?
What does it prove?

Up your game. Make it a fair fight.

Coaching from a part-time CIO/mentor, when and how you need it, can turn technology into a winner for you.